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Anhui: 08 wise move are artistic kind of professional province time of all take
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Each city, county (city, area) office of educational bureau, recruit students, about the college:

Basis " general office of Ministry of Education is good about doing common 2007 colleges and universities is artistic the announcement of job of kind of professional recruit students " (2006 〕 of education office 〔 10) requirement, good to be done further I save art of average college recruit students kind professional entrance exam works, examinee of beard of the school outside getting used to a province supports art kind the requirement that professional class saves all to take an examination of certificate of approval to just can attend its school to take an examination of, convenient I save art kind examinee enters oneself for an examination the school outside the province, classics research, the decision removes me to save art of average college recruit students from 2008 kind professional province all takes an examination of the job to go at Spring Festival advancement, and at art is being announced before the Spring Festival kind all of professional class province studies result, extend artistic all of kind of professional class province take an examination of certificate of approval.

Time of specific 2008 examination is: Painting interconnected system takes an examination of time to be on January 5, musical interconnected system takes an examination of time to be began on January 19. The exam such as method of delimit of professional and time signing up, eligible line concerns matters concerned general to be released in recruit students general rules. The time that collects to assure information of professional exam examinee asks, adjust time of the university entrance exam signing up accordingly in December 2007 the first ten days of a month.

Ask each city, county (city, area) after recruit students office receives an announcement, seasonable will relevant spirit communicates concerned middle school.

(origin: Net of Anhui entrance exam)

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