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Shaanxi: 8 years average college will add major of 58 undergraduate course newly
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I save 2008 year average college will add major of 58 undergraduate course newly, at the same time Xi'an builds physics of material of university of science and technology, information and computational science, measure control technology and apparatus 3 major by cancel. The reporter will learn this from province education office on September 27.

The undergraduate course major that adds newly includes the art of northwest university to learn, the sculpture of college of Xi'an grain industry is professional, the fire control project of university of Xi'an science and technology, art of the performance of Xi'an project university, recording is professional, the Thai major of university of Xi'an foreign language. Xi'an is earthed up China the college of 5 run by the local people such as the institute added major of 8 undergraduate course, xi'an handed in 6 independent institutes such as big city college to add major of 12 undergraduate course.

Add permissibly at the same time still have Xi'an aviation technology 102 specialized subjects of 41 schools such as advanced schools are professional, and the major of 2 undergraduate course that 7 schools such as institute of Shaanxi traditional Chinese medical science add and major of 6 specialized subjects. Specific major can log onto Shaanxi to teach a net ( inquiry.
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